BFP-CAR has thirty seven (37) fire stations broken down as follows: Abra with six (6): Apayao with five (5); Benguet with ten (10) AND TWO (2) Sub-stations (Irisan and Aurora Hill Baguio City Sub-station). Ifugao with six (6); Kalinga with four (4); Mountain Province with six (6).

In the status quo, BFP-CAR has thirty eight (38) Municipalities with no fire stations to cater to fire protection needs of the community. The following table shows the breakdown of the number of cities/municipalities with and without fire stations.

Bureau of Fire Protection Cordillera Region has six (6) provincial offices, two city fire stations (2), and two (2) city fire sub-station in Barangay Irisan and Aurora Hill, all in Baguio City. It has also thirty five (35) Municipal Fire stations distributed strategically throughout the region.

It is manned by five hundred fifty three (553) personnel comprising of thirty (30) officers or 5.42%, five hundred ten (513) non- officers or 92.76%, ten (10) non-uniformed personnel or 1.81%, and Two (2) personnel on DS at PATROL 117, Baguio City Calling Center.

BFP-CAR has fifty nine (59) fire trucks of which forty two (42) are BFP owned, seventeen (17) are LGU owned, seven (7) are rescue ambulances, two (2) motor cycles and one (1) service vehicle. Below are the status /deployment of fire trucks / ambulance / service vehicles by province.

To date, out of the seventy seven (77) cities/municipalities in the region, only thirty seven (37) have fire stations leaving forty (40) municipalities with no fire station. Based on the ideal number of fire trucks to population ratio of one fire truck to twenty eight thousand population (1:28,000), CAR’s population of one million six hundred sixteen thousand eight hundred  sixty seven (1,616,867) with only forty two (42) BFP owned serviceable fire trucks still needs an additional of sixteen  (16) Fire trucks to meet the required standards.